Graph Day Seattle is back!

Graph Day Seattle was originally planned for September 2020, but was postponed because of Covid. It is now back on the calendar with a new venue - Block 41 in Belltown. Graph Day Seattle is an independent vendor-neutral event. There are no sponsored talks. Our goal, as always, is to provide a showcase for the latest developments in graphs and connected data, as well as a physical space for the creators, architects, developers and users to engage each other.

Data Day Seattle at the Westin Seattle


Graph Day Seattle was originally part of the larger Data Day Seattle event held annually at the Westin Seattle. For 2022, we are re-launching it as an independent event. Much has happened in the graph space in the last several years - Graph Data Science, Graph Analytics, Graph Machine Learning - we're inviting the thought leaders in each area to share their thoughts on the current state of affairs, as well as give a glimpse into the future. If you have a compelling story or use case, we encourage you to send us a speaking proposal.

The Future of Graph Panel from the Global Graph Summit 2020. Expect a few controversial panels at Graph Day Seattle.


Graph Day Seattle 2023 will be a single track event - a whirlwind tour from those changing the game. In addition to presentations, we will have a lounge set aside for informal one-on-ones with presenters, engineers, and architects. Think of this as a opportunity for a free consult from multiple points of view.

Stephen Plantikow of Neo4j and Ryan Wisnesky of Conexus discussing Category Theory and Graphs.


About the organizers

Global Data Geeks has been hosting data events since 2000 and data/graph events in Seattle since 2010. Our Seattle Graph Database Meetup (now Seattle Graph Data Science and Analytics) is one of the largest and oldest graph meetup groups in the world. We used to have an office on top of PCC Market in Fremont until the rent got too high. Hopefully we can find a new place. This pandemic has gone on too long, and we miss Seattle.