Announcing Austin AI Weekend

There were so many great AI submissions at the recent Data Day Texas conference that we couldn't fit most of them in. Consequently, we are launching a separate conference just for AI, ML, Deep Learning, and related topics - Austin AI Weekend.

The Inaugural Austin AI Weekend will be held on Saturday, September 30, in Austin, Tx, at the AT&T Conference Center. We are currently accepting proposals for sessions and workshops, and will be announcing the first wave of speakers shortly.

For the last six years, Data Day Texas has consistently been the largest independent data event held with 1000 miles of Texas -- effectively one of the biggest such events between the coasts, and drawing speakers from around the world. We are excited to see what the launch of AI Weekend will bring. Come join us for the launch!

Emil Eifrem of Neo4j speaking at the most recent Data Day Texas.

Chris Moody of StitchFix speaking at the most recent NLP Day.

Jonathan Morgan of Deep Grammar speaking at the most recent Data Day Texas.